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January 13, 2021 : H&R Block

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on March 31, 2020.

Millions of stimulus payments have been sent as the IRS set January 4 as the official payment date of all direct deposits for stimulus money.

Where’s my second stimulus check/payment?

The IRS has shared that most Americans received their stimulus money as a direct deposit. If not, paper checks or U.S. Treasury debit cards will be issued, with all payments going out by the end of January.

It is possible the IRS sent your second stimulus payment to a different place than your first stimulus payment.

How will I receive my stimulus check/payment?

How do you get a stimulus check/paymentcheck/payment?

The IRS Get My Payment tool displays account information about where a direct deposit was sent or if a check was mailed.

If the IRS tool displays an account number you don’t recognize, contact us at 1-800-HRBLOCK or on Twitter @HRBlockAnswers and we may be able to provide additional information. If you purchased Refund Transfer with last year’s taxes, be sure to read the information found lower on this page.

“The second stimulus payment will provide much-needed relief to people,” said Tony Bowen, H&R Block Chief Financial Officer. “We have automated tools and experts standing by ready to help our customers.”

Need money today?

It doesn’t matter if you have a W-2 or a 1099, we all had a 2020. If you’re feeling the financial impact from last year, we can help. You could get a Refund Advance loan Go to disclaimer for more detailsDisclaimer number109. Scroll to bottom of page. up to $3,500 today.

H&R Block Emerald Card stimulus check information

Many second stimulus payments were deposited on Emerald Cards. We deposited stimulus payments onto our Emerald Prepaid Mastercard? on January 4-6. If you still have not received your stimulus money, please contact us on our dedicated Emerald Card customer support line at 866-353-1266.

If your Emerald Card account is closed, we are required to send your payment back to the IRS.  In these cases, we expect you will need to claim your payment as a Recovery Rebate Claim when you file your 2020 taxes this year.

You can access your Emerald Card balance at myblock.com. Additionally, you can call 1-866-353-1266 and receive stimulus payment information by entering the last four digits of their Emerald Card account.

If you need a replacement Emerald Card, call 1-866-353-1266. Please keep in mind that it may take up to two hours for funds to transfer to a new Emerald Card.

Bank changes and your Emerald Card. H&R Block’s change to MetaBank?, N.A. shouldn’t impact your stimulus payment going to your Emerald Card. With an active Emerald Card, you will be able to access your payment. If you don’t have an active card, call 866-353-1266.

Closed Emerald Card accounts. If your Emerald Card account is closed, we are required to send your payment back to the IRS. In these cases, we expect you will need to claim your payment as a Recovery Rebate Credit when you file your 2020 taxes this year.

No fee to access your stimulus payment. There is no fee for the stimulus payment to load on your Emerald Card. We have waived all fees associated with accessing your money over-the-counter at a bank through January 19, 2021. Please refer to your?Cardholder Agreement?for the full list of Emerald Card fees.?? 

Information to track a stimulus check

All other customers can call 1-800-HRBLOCK and by using your Social Security number, you may be able to receive automated second stimulus payment information.

Also, take note of the following:

You may not recognize an account number. If you purchased Refund Transfer with last year’s taxes, the IRS Get My Payment tool may be reflecting that account number.

Simply check your tax return to see if it matches the account number displayed in the tool. If it matches, your stimulus payment will be sent from this account the same way you received your tax refund – deposited to a bank account or mailed as a check. Direct deposits should be received by end of day, Wednesday, Jan. 6.

We’re here to help answer any questions. Please call 1-800-HRBLOCK.

Wait times may be long. This week, customers may experience increased wait times to speak with an H&R Block customer service agent. You may send questions via Twitter to @HRBlockAnswers, but be sure not to include personal information in these questions.

Bank account changes since the first stimulus payment. If your bank account information changed, you cannot update that information on the IRS Get May Payment website. If you don’t receive your stimulus payment, the IRS has indicated you will need to claim your payment as a Recovery Rebate Credit when you file your 2020 taxes this year.

Details for payments not processed by Jan. 6. H&R Block processed millions of stimulus payments, Jan. 4-6 via direct deposit to a bank account, check, or onto our Emerald Prepaid Mastercard. There are times when a receiving bank will reject a direct deposit – primarily because of a closed account.

We will be emailing affected customers whose bank rejected our attempt to send the stimulus money as a direct deposit and will mail them a check with their funds. If you still have not received your money or have any other questions, please contact us at 800-HRBLOCK.  If you are an Emerald Card client, please call 866-353-1266.   

Life changes can be reconciled at tax time. For those who did not receive the first stimulus payment, believe they did not receive their full stimulus payment amount, or had changes in their circumstances, such as the birth of a baby, a Recovery Rebate Credit can be claimed when 2020 taxes are filed this year.

Save any letters received from the IRS about stimulus checks and present them when you work with an H&R Block tax pro to file your 2020 tax return.  

Find stimulus payment information and more

To estimate your stimulus payment, visit our stimulus check calculator and for additional stimulus details and frequently asked questions visit the H&R Block Coronavirus Resource Center.

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